Narwhal Whales

Narwhal: A Real Life Fairytale

Narwhal Habitat

Narwhale whales are generally seen in groups of twenty to thirty with varying combinations of male, female, and claves. Narwhals can be mainly found in the Atlantic and Russian portions of the Antarctic. Individual narwhals are sometimes seen in the northern portions of the Hudson Bay and Strait, as well as the Baffin Bay, off of the eastern coast of Greenland, and in a relatively narrow area running along the northern end of Greenland to eastern Russia.

The narwhal whale population is estimated to be around 40,000, but has also been suggested to be as high as 50,000 individual whales.

Narwhals, being migratory, travel close to the coasts during the summer months, and travel farther away as the winder freeze starts to set in, and spend their winters in packed ice, and thrive in leads and small holes in the ice.